Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions that our support team receives in regard to the MatBoss iPad app and users’ online accounts. If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, check out our MatBoss University video library or submit a support ticket.

Login, Password & Account Settings

Your Username and Password were emailed to you in the Welcome letter shortly after your commitment to subscribe to MatBoss.  If you are unable to locate the email, check your Spam folder.  If you are still unable to retrieve the info, submit a support ticket with your request.

Go to the Login screen on  Under the Username and Password boxes, click on (Coaches) Forgot Password. Enter your team’s Username and Mother’s Maiden Name (as you entered in your Online Account Settings, if you didn’t change it, Mom is the default)

Go to your Online Account Settings, click on the Login Info tab.  Enter your new Password in the Change Password location.

Go to your Online Account Settings, click on the Login Info tab.  Enter your Mother’s Maiden name in the location.

Go to the Login screen on  Under the Username and Password boxes, click on (Wrestlers) Forgot Password. Enter your personal Username and submit.  A temporary password will be emailed to your registered email address. You can then change your password under Account Settings.  

Online Account Setup

In your Online Account, Go to Roster, for the wrestler, Click on Edit/Delete.  Under Select Level, Click on the pull down and select Former.  This allows for all stats and video to stay stored in your team’s account.  The only time a wrestler should be deleted from your roster, is if he/she is no longer a member of your team, and has never wrestled a match.

There is no limit to the number of wrestlers.

The short answer is yes. However, you will need to dedicate one of your scorebooks to the middle school so that their matches don’t get mixed in with your high school ones. Also, they will have to be added to your roster, which could result a very long list when you’re trying to select a name. To alleviate these issues, we do offer a separate middle school account for $249 to those who already have a high school account.

No, there is no limit to the amount of video.  As long as your program stays with MatBoss, the Stats and Video will be always be accessible.  

This is most likely a result of a space entered at the end of either their first, and/or their last name when entered in TrackWrestling.  The spaces then carry over to their MatBoss Roster.

  1. Go to your MatBoss Online Account, Go to Roster, Click on EDIT/DELETE of the wrestlers in question.  Clean up any spaces after the first and last names.  Hit Save.
  2. Go to your TW Roster and delete any spaces at the end of their first and last name.

Be sure to have updated the MatBoss App to 4.2, and follow these instructions:

Version 4.2 Now Available.  You may have already received notification from Apple, but an update is now ready for download from the App Store. This update added freestyle score pads and took care of a few bug fixes. After downloading the new version from the App Store, when the download completes you will be presented with a button that says ‘OPEN’ in the App Store window. Make sure you hit that ‘OPEN’ button or the update does NOT get installed.

To update the expiration date on your iPad: Go to Settings on bottom of screen.  Lightly touch and Slide your Team name to the Left.  Click on Update.

If you Connected your iPad(s) to your account before you changed the names in Scorebook Preferences in your Online Account, they will read A-Squad, B-Squad, C-Squad, Practice, Scouting.

If you want your Scorebooks on your iPad(s) to match what you have designated in your Online Account:

On your iPad, in Settings, under Scorebook Information, Click on the Scorebook name you would like to change and type in the same name as you have listed in Scorebook Preferences.

Yes, follow the Video Tutorial: Importing Roster »

Be sure the names are spelled the same as in TW.  When you import your wrestlers from TW, you will match up those wrestlers.

The best option is to have a separate account for your middle school level.  We offer the second subscription for $249 to those who have high school MatBoss accounts. This would be a completely separate account with its own roster, schedules, statistics, bulletin board, etc. Contact to purchase a $249 add-on subscription for your middle school or junior high program.

If you have both your high school and middle school teams using the same MatBoss account, the system will see your roster as the same for both. In other words, when you go to create matches, everyone will show up in the dropdown menus.

System Requirements

Access on your computer (Mac, Windows PC or Chromebook), using Google Chrome as the browser.

Apple iPad with a minimum of 3 GB of available storage, running iOS 9.3.2 or higher, and MatBoss app, version 4.1

You may use an unlimited number of iPads with your account.  They must meet the minimum requirements as listed above and be connected to your account.

Most iPad models work well with MatBoss. We are finding, however, that the older models have become obsolete. So we recommend the iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4, Air, Air 2, the iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 4th Generation or iPad Pro (although it is a nice device, we do not recommend the larger iPad Pro because it is too large for most tripods).


With dual meet tournaments, individual duals will not show up in the import from TrackWrestling because MatBoss treats every individual dual meet as a separate event. Since the dual meets in those tournaments have not been created yet, the event is basically empty and there isn’t anything to import at this time.

Since you probably don’t know who you’ll be wrestling until that day, here is our suggestion for dealing with that:

  1. Inside your MatBoss schedule, create a new event (i.e. Campbellsville Duals) and for the type,  use Tournament.
  2. Record all of your matches that day inside that event.
  3. Upload all the matches you recorded.
  4. After the tournament has completed, those individual duals will have been created in TrackWrestling by the tournament manager, so they will then show up and can be imported the same way through your TrackWrestling page inside your MatBoss account.
  5. Go into the event you used to record all the matches and move each match into the appropriate dual meet you imported after the fact in step 4.
  6. After all the matches have been moved into the correct place, you can delete the event you created in step 1.

You will not need to export your stats to TrackWrestling for those events run by Track.  

Not at this time. We will look to this possibility in a future upgrade.